Northern Eagle Cycle  


Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do you ship?

A: We ship Priority Mail to the USA, Expedited Parcel in Canada, regular airmail parcel and Express mail to other countries. Shipments are trackable and insured, except for regular airmail parcels outside Canada and the USA.

Q: Can you ship small parts, regular mail, in an envelope to save on shipping?

A: No. Delivery takes too long and is not reliable. Plus we have a $20.00 US minimum order.

Q: Are there taxes, duties, or import charges?

A: There no federal fees, taxes, duties, etc. on motorcycle parts going from Canada to the USA. 

Q: How long does it take to receive an order ?                                     

 A: We usually ship next day. Exceptions include weekends, holidays, heavy volumes, and extreme weather. Delivery is usually 7-10 business days in the USA. Exceptions may occur in November and December, due to holiday mail volumes and severe weather.

  Q: Can I pick up orders at your location?

 A: No. We are  not open to the public 

  Q: What is your return policy?

  A: We will accept returns if we authorize them. We will not accept returns 60 days after purchase date. Restocking fees range from 10-30%. Each case is different, so email us with your request. If you send something back without authorization, consider it lost.

  Q: What about warranty?

  A: We stand behind everything we sell. We have spent decades weeding out junk parts and carry only what we believe are quality parts. We have next to no warranty claims. However, anything can happen, so email us, and we'll go from there. Please realize that some vintage bike parts require a  little "massaging" to fit exactly.

Q: Can you put together a list of parts I need to rebuild....(whatever)?

A: No. If you don't have the time to figure out what you need, neither do we.  Note: We only carry parts for 500, 650 &750 twin cylinder Triumphs between 1963 and 1979. We do not carry parts for 250 cc, Army version bikes, 3 cylinder models, or Hinckley. We do not carry custom chopper or bobber parts.

Q: Can you answer technical questions?

A: We  can answer most tech questions about the parts we sell. We can answer most tech questions about most models we carry parts for. We will not answer tech questions when the answer can be easily found in a workshop manual. We sell work shop manuals, and strongly suggest you buy one if you are working on your bike.

Q: Are your parts NOS?

A: No. NOS means "New Old Stock". It's not likely there are any NOS parts left on the planet as they stopped making them over 40 years ago.

Q: Where are your parts made?

A: We import parts primarily from the United Kingdom and Taiwan. We carry parts which are made in many countries, which include the USA, Australia, Italy, Germany, Czech Republic, Taiwan, Japan, India and the UK. When a part description on our site says "UK", it is made in the UK, not just imported from there.

In any case, it is no big deal. There is some real junk made in the UK as well as some of the finest craftsmanship. Some of best parts come from Taiwan, some of the worst from India. We live in a global village, so don't get hung up on it. It's all about quality control, not origin.