Triumph Daytona 500 Rebuild Pictures


I decided it was time to re- acquaint myself with the workings  of a 500cc Triumph after not having owned one for over 40 years. I purchased a fairly decent looking 1973 Daytona in September 2011. Cosmetically, the chassis is nice but the engine is a tired out unit with 17,000 miles on the clock, accuracy doubtful. This page shows random pictures of the work in progress, for anyone interested. Comments or questions are welcome and you can email me at


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500 engine before.jpg (141233 bytes) 500 top end 2.jpg (92475 bytes) 500 tappet block.jpg (95036 bytes)
the starting point the top end before top end again an oily mess
500 barrels.jpg (101177 bytes) 500 barrels 2.jpg (85616 bytes) 500 barrels 3.jpg (84746 bytes) 500 head 2.jpg (85058 bytes)
do I need a re-bore? LOL more nastiness still more nastiness not too bad
500 head.jpg (103545 bytes) 500 broken screw.jpg (74659 bytes) 500 sludge tube.jpg (74228 bytes) 500 journals.jpg (82676 bytes)
Can I take out the broken screw? FAIL! Sludge trap 75% plugged  Cleaning the sludge trap
500 journals 2.jpg (98272 bytes) 500 timing timing case.jpg (94757 bytes) 500 timing mark.jpg (116909 bytes) 500 journals new.jpg (59172 bytes)
The journals need a regrind the timing case remember where the marks go back from the machine shop, reground -.010
500 cases bare.JPG (106958 bytes) 500 cases wash 1.JPG (59909 bytes) 500 cases wash 2.JPG (60887 bytes) 500 cases air dry.JPG (73312 bytes)
bead blasted cases Cases get a hot, soapy bath   clear rinse, and blow dry
500 chase external thread.JPG (65945 bytes) 500 cases glyptal.JPG (99978 bytes) 500 connecting rods.jpg (102715 bytes)
chase all external  and internal threads lacquer thinner bath 

then glyptal coating

get ready, get set.......
500 bottom end.JPG (51804 bytes) 500 timing case.JPG (95878 bytes) 500 rocker box bare.JPG (71196 bytes) 500 rocker boxes done.JPG (85949 bytes)
done new pump, the old one passed some rocks clean the rocker boxes good to go
500 gearbox.jpg (92959 bytes) 500 inner gearbox cvr.jpg (88363 bytes) 500 kick shaft.jpg (72481 bytes) 500 gear box assmbly.JPG (79283 bytes)
no issues with the gearbox new bearing of course freshen up the kicker shaft get it together
500 gearbox installed.JPG (85015 bytes) 500 gearbox cover.JPG (120800 bytes) 500 clutch center.JPG (72661 bytes) clutch new 2.JPG (98002 bytes)
gear cluster installed one step closer all clutch parts were trash splash for new stuff
500 cylinders redux.JPG (81145 bytes) pistons.JPG (73669 bytes) 500 exhaust stubs.JPG (56907 bytes) head.JPG (100198 bytes)
cylinders redux +.020 installed custom exhaust stubs locked & loaded
trial assembly.JPG (74568 bytes) engine done.JPG (105984 bytes) 500 carbs.JPG (77414 bytes) oil filter.JPG (94107 bytes)
trial assembly ta dah rebuild carbs, new air cleaners remote oil filter
Daytona 1.jpg (83043 bytes) Daytona2.jpg (62787 bytes)
The ending point