About Northern Eagle Cycle Ltd. 



Hello, my name is Dennis Michalczuk and I am the owner of  Northern Eagle Cycle , located at Amherstburg, Canada

I established  Northern Eagle in  1991. It began as a retail parts store for Harley, Norton , BSA and Triumph motorcycles. Through the years, the company moved into different areas including mechanical service, custom bike building, and restorations. Several years ago I realized that I was working too much.  It was then that I decided I would concentrate on the area of the business I enjoyed the most: PARTS!... and on the ONE bike I enjoy the most...the Triumph.  I rode my first Triumph in 1970 and my first OIF  Triumph in 1972. My current bike is a 1973 Triumph Tiger which I have owned since 1981. You can see this bike throughout the website as I use it for trying out the parts I sell. I have owned other makes including Harley, Norton, BSA, BMW, Honda, and Suzuki, but for reasons you probably understand, I like my Triumph best.

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Dennis in 1981 

                       2006- Same guy, same bike



  1. To provide the customer with the best online source of  Triumph parts without having to sort through part numbers and descriptions which do not apply to the model of bike.

  2. To maintain the best inventory of currently available parts .

  3. To ensure that the customer is satisfied with their purchase.



Northern Eagle Cycle operates out of  overstuffed premises in Amherstburg Ontario Canada

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Northern Eagle is about 20 miles south of  Detroit Michigan in Canada


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To the more than 7000 customers who have bought my parts online.